Sarah Moss

Sarah Moss

Stylist + Color Specialist

Sarah says she was “surrounded by beautiful souls growing up who had a love for fashion,” which undoubtedly led to her career choice and the dreams she’s chasing. She loves the malleability in beauty, and the endless possibilities in transformation.

Sarah Moss graduated from Paul Mitchell in 2012. Her first job as a stylist was at Mane Street Salon & Spa in Cincinnati, before heading south to Austin in August 2014. She worked at Blossom Salon and Spa, and has now found herself working alongside the beauty masterminds at Roar.

Sarah sees her move to Austin as a new beginning. While she says it was the most “daunting” thing she’s ever done, it’s also been the most rewarding, while her career has grown and she’s created new relationships.

She has a diverse style, and enjoys the challenge of matching her every client’s wish, delivering style and beauty that suits both their faces and their lifestyles best. Sarah is also inspired by continuing education and creativity, and enjoys taking classes, learning from her peers, and sharing her knowledge with her clients.

While she’s still exploring Austin, Sarah mostly enjoys exploring the city with her two rescue pits, Mr. Barks and Miss Ruby Rose. When she’s not in the salon, there’s good chance you’ll find them in Austin’s Greenbelts, dining al fresco, or enjoying a beer on one of Rainey’s patios. If they dogs can go, she will too.

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